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KCB Sustainability Management and Reporting overview

KCB seeks to be a sustainable Bank. Sustainability is about ensuring long term business success while contributing towards economic and social development, a healthy environment and a stable society. Put succinctly, sustainability is anchored in 3Ps i.e. Planet, People and Profit. Sustainability is creation of value for a wide range of stakeholders, including shareholders, employees, customers, suppliers, communities and Government, with particular consideration for the needs of future generation.

The global importance of sustainability is reflected in changing customer expectations and emerging national and international legislation. Companies’ chances of operating successfully and engaging in international trade depend more and more on their ability to mitigate social and environmental risks and to capitalize on opportunities for innovation. Sustainability has become an essential element of competitive advantage something which business cannot ignore.

In banking, sustainability encompasses three dimensions:

  1. Profit: Financial stability of the financial institution and its clients, so that they continue to make long term contribution to development as well as Economic sustainability of projects and companies the financial institution finances
  2. Planet: Environmental sustainability through protection of natural resources
  3. People: Social sustainability through welfare of communities as well as our employees.

Our approach to sustainability is a three pronged approach:

  • KCB’s Eco-efficiency through the KCB green agenda.
  • KCB’s Sustainability Reporting which is basically expanding the traditional reporting framework to take into account ecological and social performance in addition to financial performance (Annual reports).
  • KCB Sustainable banking through KCB SEMS (Social and Environmental Management System) Social and Environmental Management System is a framework that integrates social and environmental risk management into business process and aids the Financial Institution to avoid and manage loans with potential social and environmental risks by conducting social & environmental due diligence prior to loan disbursement.

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