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Asset Finance

Grow and revolutionize your business with this short-term financing solution that gives you room to reserve your capital and business savings.

  • Installment sales

    Through this form of financing, you will be able to acquire for your business machinery or movable assets, which will be jointly registered and  co-owned with the bank.



    1. Low capital required

    Relatively low initial capital will be required from the customer.

    1. Asset treated like customer’s

    For tax purposes, the asset is ‘on-balance sheet’ i.e. it is treated as though it belongs to the customer.

    1. Customer benefits

    The customer qualifies for interest, wear and tear deductions and any applicable investment allowances.

    1. Eventual customer ownership

    Ownership of the asset will be passed on to the customer after receipt of the final payment.

  • Operating Lease

    This product is ideal for you if you’re a business owner who wishes to lease assets to use rather than owning them.


    1. Lessor owns the asset.

    The asset is in full ownership of the lessor

    1. Includes interest, capital & VAT

    Lease rentals include interest, capital and VAT

    1. VAT terms

    The client will claim VAT input credits based on the lessor’s invoice subject to normal VAT rules. VAT is charged on each lease rental (including capital & interest)

    1. Residual Value (RV)

    This depends on the asset financed and is generally between 15% and 30% RV with a guaranteed RPU (Repurchase Agreement) with the Supplier or third party

    Note: Leasing terms and conditions may vary, subject to compliance to specific statutory regulations.

  • Finance Lease

    We have collaborated with dealer partners to ensure that our corporate clients enjoy the best rates during acquisition and leasing of fleets.


    1. Get full financing

    This is a full capital pay out lease

    1. Lessor owns the asset

    The asset is in full ownership of the lessor

    1. Lessee benefits

    Get income tax deduction for wear and tear of the asset

    1. VAT terms

    The client gets to claim VAT input credits based on the financier’s invoice subject to normal VAT rules. VAT is charged on each lease rental

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