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Long Term Financing

Embark on a long-term project with the assurance that we have your back. This product is built to help you scale up by allowing you to take up a business mortgage or finance projects that will build your company.

  • Project Financing

    Choose financing with great terms. We offer you long term loans for your projects or acquisition of infrastructure based on your projections. It doesn’t get any better than that.

    What we need from you

    • Investment plan including description of project, implementation scheduling, management, expenditure and sources of finance.
    • A feasibility study report of the project (less than 2 years old) demonstrating project viability
    • Copies of the relative regulatory approvals e.g., Local authority approvals, line ministry approval on land use, confirmation of land rates etc
    • Proof of competence of technical management teams indicating qualifications and experience
    • Sensitivity analysis for the projected financials
    • Evidence of promoter’s ability to raise the stated own contribution


    1. Allows you to run your project

    It gives you the ability to get financing that is not tied to the project sponsor’s ability.

    1. Tailored to project

    Get a loan that is structured and driven by the specific characteristics of each project.

  • Mortgage

    Part of our support is helping you get the perfect premises for your business. We advance this loan for both construction and the purchase of commercial properties and estates. Pick whatever suits your business.

    What we need from you

    • Architectural and structural building plans duly approved by the relevant local and or national authority
    • Priced Bill of Quantities and Contractor’s Agreement indicating time of completion and cost over-runs.
    • Valuation report and copy of the title document for the property to be developed.
    • Where moratorium is sought, evidence of existing source of income to service interest during construction
    • Evidence for the stated own contribution to the project
    • CVs of professionals (quantity surveyors, contractors, engineers, etc.) involved in the project with a list of major jobs undertaken in the last 3 years.
    • Copies of all the regulatory approvals including county or Payam authorities.
    • Proforma Invoice for imported items and breakdown of expenditure
    • Building Permit for construction projects


    1. Attractive group and staff packages

    Specially packaged staff mortgage facilities for companies & co-operative societies and organized groups.

    1. 70% financing

    Get up to 70% financing of the amount your require for your mortgage.

    1. Access to a members’ club

    Be a member of the S&L Developers Club and enjoy trips to China, Dubai & other markets to see latest trends.

    1. Have your property showcased

    Gain access to S&L Developers Club bus tours where your property is showcased to potential customers.


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