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Classic Visa Card

Don’t be cash strapped when you can charge your expenses to one of the most easy-to-use credit cards in South Sudan. From daily spends to luxury purchases, from grocery shopping to fine-dining restaurants, there is always a KCB Bank Credit Card to take care of all your expenses. KCB Credit Cards offer a host of benefits and offers to cater to your needs. Enjoy the freedom of financial flexibility with limits of SSP XXX and above. With eligibility for both KCB and non-KCB customers, the card is great for first time credit card owners



What We Need From You

  • Valid national ID or passport
  • Duly filled credit card application form
  • Bank statements for the last 6 months if self-employed – account turnover of between SSP XX and Kes SSP XX
  • 3 Months’ salary account bank statement
  • Latest pay slip – minimum net salary of between SSP XX and SSP XX

*A bank representative may call you at any time to obtain further information in line with our KYC process. At no point shall you be asked for your PIN or passwords. 

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