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Salary Account

With quick salary processes and benefits such as salary advances, this account allows employed people to enjoy their hard-earned money while employing safe ways to manage their cash and make easy transactions.



What we need from you

  • Two recent colored passport size photos
  • Original and two photocopies of National ID or passport
  • A valid VISA for foreign nationals
  • Reference letter from employer or from existing KCB customer
  • Duly filled and signed physical verification form. Must include phone number, physical residence or local administrator verification
  • Minimum account opening balance as applies
  • Duly filled FATCA forms from the IRS website. (W-8Ben for non-US persons and the W-9 for US citizens)

Rates & Fees

  • Minimum opening balance – SSP 100; USD 50
  • Cheque books – 50 leaves SSP 1,000 (USD 20); 100 leaves SSP 2000 (USD 40)
  • SSP counter cheque/current account debit voucher – SSP 150 (USD 15) per request
  • USD counter cheque/current account debit voucher – 2% (USD 15) per entry
  • Ledger fees – SSP 10 (USD 2) per transaction
  • Handling fee for inward unpaid cheque – SSP 400 (USD 15) per cheque
  • Cheques returned unpaid due to:
  1. Insufficient funds in account – SSP 1000 (USD 40) per cheque
  2. Technical reasons and payment stopped – SSP 400 (USD 20) per cheque
  • Salary processing – SSP 35 (USD 2.5) per entry

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