• Drafts

    This is the perfect payment solution if you’re looking to make a purchase from overseas, pay for medical expenses or even further your studies.

    A banker’s cheque is denominated in foreign currency, making your payments more seamless.


    • Transact in all major currencies
    • Pay for various services abroad i.e. fees at an educational institution, medical expenses, commodity purchase, etc.
  • Cash Purchase/Sale

    Traveling abroad or did you just come from a trip overseas? Buy or sell foreign currency over the counter in any of our KCB branches countrywide.


    • Service is available for all major world currencies i.e. USD, Euro, Sterling Pound, etc.
    • Flexible exchange rates for amounts above USD 2,000.
    • No commission charged for transactions below USD 40,000
  • Forward Contracts

    (Foreign Exchange Forward Contracts; Par-Forwards, Flexi-Forwards and Outright-Forwards)

    You can trade currency at a special rate at no extra cost. Get into a special arrangement with our treasury team and trade at a specified exchange rate for settlement up to 180 days (6 months) into the future.

    This way you are protected from the fluctuating exchange rates between the date of the established deal (deal date) and the date of actual delivery of funds (value date).

  • Swift Transfers

    If you conduct business across borders or have family overseas, then the Swift Transfer service is what you need. You can send and receive money into your account from anywhere in the world swiftly and safely.

    Transactions of USD 10,000 are supported by the necessary documents before they can be effected.


    • Service is available for major world currencies
    • A flat fee is charged regardless of amount being transacted
    • No charge for incoming SWIFTs into foreign currency accounts
    • Beneficiary’s account is credited instantly upon receipt of remittances
    • Convenient and secure way to send money around the globe

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