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SME Loan (Secured)

SME loans are open to those who can guarantee their loans with assets such as property/ title deeds, debentures, and fixed deposits.



What We Need From You

  • Duly completed Facility Application Form
  • Certified copy of the Certificate of Incorporation
  • Copy of Memorandum and Articles of Association
  • Copy of Company TIN Certificate
  • Original and copies of ID – Gensia or passport of directors, business owner or authorized signatories for the company
  • Business Profile describing nature of Business, location, date incorporated, shareholding and directorship, years of operation, management, banking relationships, etc
  • Copy of current Trade License or Business Permit
  • If non-KCB customer, certified copies of bank statements for the last 12 months (deposit and Loan accounts), with original banking deposit slips for key deposits to the account
  • Details of facilities enjoyed with other financiers if any, including inter-alia initial amounts approved, current balances, repayment terms and securities held
  • Audited Accounts of the last 3 years. Must be provided for all applications above SSP 250,000
  • Management accounts or income and expenditure statement for the current year
  • A stock statement and aged lists of debtors and creditors
  • Projected cash flows covering the period of facility – 1st year done on month to month basis - together with underlying assumptions
  • Board of Directors Resolution to borrow and pledge securities
  • Outline of total project cost, its breakdown and financing plan
  • Supporting documents for the loan purpose e.g. LPO, Sale Agreement, Pro-forma Invoice, BQs, tender documents etc
  • Primary security i.e. land titles, car logbook, stock pricelist, list of personal assets with value indicated

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